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dBILL VAS Charging

Real-time delivery and charging of VAS


In predominantly prepaid markets, growing VAS revenues requires compelling services and applications - and a means to deliver and charge for these VAS in real time. Added to this the complexity of multiple VAS nodes across the network and the need for a streamlined, efficient solution becomes paramount.

Comviva’s dBILL VAS Charging solution decouples the VAS infrastructure from the core network, enabling centralized delivery and management of flexible charging and rating, as well as real-time subscription and provisioning.

Real-time Revenue Assurance and Service Delivery

By charging for VAS in real-time, the dBILL VAS Charging solution arrests revenue leakage and provides clarity to subscribers regarding status of payment and account debit - whilst real-time service delivery enhances customer satisfaction. dBILL VAS Charging also assures revenues for postpaid segments by enabling download and pushing of CDRs to the core network.

Enhances Operational Efficiency

The centralized approach to charging, rating, subscription and provisioning avoids multiple interactions with the IN - reducing the burden on the IN and improving overall efficiency of the network.

Competitive Edge

The flexibility to deliver real-time campaigns to end customers through dBILL VAS Charging enables operators to act on market needs and establish and maintain a competitive advantage.


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