David Peters

David Peters brings to the table extensive experience in delivering closed-loop marketing solutions for clients in Asia, Europe and Australia. He is an experienced telecom marketer with a strong track record in delivering increased revenues and decreasing churn for mobile operators in Australia and France.He is an Alumnus of the Harvard Business School, having completed the Owners and President’s Management Program in 2014. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Marketing major) from the University of New South Wales, Australia.


Guest Blogs

How Smart CSPs/DSPs Monetize Micro-Moments With Real-Time Event Decisioning

‘Customer insight is central to the success of customer management strategies to maximize customer experience and value across the life cycle. This has become even more challenging in the digital…
David Peters
10th September 2018
Digital Lifestyle Solutions

Content Discovery and How to Keep Up With Today’s Evolving Digital Landscape

The digital landscape has undergone massive changes over the past few decades. New modes of technology have increased the need for innovative marketing techniques, and with each new mode that…
David Peters
22nd June 2018