Zunder Lekshmanan

Chief Technology Officer


Mobile Data Platform

Product Owners – Identify hidden biases!

Recently, I was on the panel of judges in an internal Hackathon, a platform to present one’s ideas. Basically, the participants are judged on their ability to pitch an idea…
Zunder Lekshmanan
10th July 2015
Market Research

Building Products – A tale of two Steve’s

I have been recently wondering about the two Steve’s who have had a profound influence on me or possibly all of us. One of them is the mercurial Steve Jobs.…
Zunder Lekshmanan
7th January 2015
Internet & Broadband SolutionsMobile Data Platform

Content is King; Commerce is the Queen and Context is God

The Age of Context is upon us. Sample this— today, technologies are beginning to “understand” things about the user and their environment-like their schedule, their heart rate and their location.…
Zunder Lekshmanan
19th August 2014