360 degrees happiness office

Stress, pressure, arguments, are all a part of the recipe. But at the end of day, we want you to walk out with a whistle in your tune and a spring in your stride. For this, we turn every stone, double all efforts to create an atmosphere of joy. Just being present in office will give you a high. Happiness will be in the air, thanks to the events, policies and experiments that we initiate from time to time.

Events listing

To bring newfound joy to our employees, we don't follow the lunar calendar. What we follow is a calendar of events that are weaved around employee friendly to nurture a happy workforce.


Sweat and enthusiasm made for a heady concoction for the badminton matches. Turning executives into players overnight, the event saw a record participation (expected to be broken each year) and more than 100 games shuttled around. This is one property which is going to do the rounds quite often at Comviva.


From its family to their extended families, Comviva reaches out to all. And this time the office turned into a playschool for kids. Puppet and magic shows, goodies, unconditional pampering and a whole lot more made kids proud of their parents. After all, it was a perfect opportunity for parents to earn brownie points.