Brief About Role:

We are looking at technically oriented managers who are passionate about evolving and building world class products. You will help  in taking complete ownership of the technical road-map and delivery of the product as per the agreed plan with Product Management; of course it is assumed that the technical design, documentation, automation, quality of the product will be as per the DoD (Definition of Done) and the delivery will be as per plan. With agile methodology in place where the scrum master helps in managing and clearing impediments, you will ensure your team excels technically where you will provide necessary guidance in design, coding and testing. As a technical manager you will lead by example in creating a high performance team that will disrupt the existing paradigms.

As part of the technology development leadership and management team, you will ensure that technical solutions are effectively delivered, aligned to the corporate strategy and digital agenda, and deliver value to the market. The product and solution should be technically viable, robust, and aligned to architectural principles and standards – the philosophy of cloud native, deployment and test automation, micro-services/module, open source, scalable, extensible and configurable is a non-negotiable. You will guide the team in being independent and technically competent for them to be able to pick stories and develop as per the tenets mentioned above.

With the organisation having big goals that will make a significant impact in the financial services space, you will set for yourself and the team, challenging goals to deliver great products in record time. It is therefore imperative to leverage and work with reusable components that will bring down the time to market. With the pace of technology growing at a never rapid pace, you will ensure you are abreast with the latest developments that can be leveraged to benefit the organisation.

You will work closely with product owners to understand the vision, objectives and help in creating a road-map for the product which is further broken down into stories that are delivered in sprints.

The name of the game is innovation and as a technical manager you will push yourself and the team in making innovation a part of the DNA. Be it a technical betterment, process betterment or helping come out with a new component, there are enough avenues to make a difference.

Skills and Background:

The ideal candidate would have worked in a product organisation and on transaction processing intensive systems. (S)he would be passionate about technology and impact on peoples’ lives. Experience in the financial services industry would be a plus.

You would always be hands on and need to have the ability to get into design and code whenever required. While below are some of the skill sets that are indicative we would expect you to be technology agnostic and have the ability to use any apt stack as required.

Development (Code)

  • Java, Spring MVC, Spring Boot and other related backend technologies
  • Multi-threading, Spring IOC (Dependency Injection), Spring JDBC, Transaction Management and Caching frameworks
  • Junit/REST-Assured/JMeter and other Testing frameworks
  • Good understanding of UI concepts, techniques, frameworks
  • Developing, deploying and supporting RESTFUL services using Spring
  • Worked on refactoring monolith to microservices architecture

Development Practices

  • Experience in working in an Agile Development Environment
  • Expert in testing thoughts – BDD, TDD
  • CI/CD integral to development
  • Deployment automation tools (Ansible, Jenkins or equivalent)
  • Understands version control and branching strategies


  • Good working knowledge of Linux or any other Unix based operating system
  • With deep focus on transaction processing DB expertise – RDBMS and no-SQL critical


  • Security best practices to be inherent in the SDLC process (OWASP 10 or similar)


  • Message Broker : RabbitMQ or equivalent
  • ESB: Using Mule, Apache Camel

Experience: 8-14 years
Location: Gurgaon/Bangalore

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