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Leveraging the Promise of 5G with Next Generation OSS/BSS Stacks

The era of 5G is (almost) upon us. While officially not due until 2020, it has already made its debut-of sorts. I allude, of course, to the 2018 Winter Olympics…
Atul Madan
12th November 2018
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The Sales and Distribution Ecosystem in a Digitally Changing World

Today’s digital era has brought about a sea change in an operator’s business. There is little doubt that technology and the internet have opened up new distribution channels. Data driven…
Atul Madan
23rd August 2018
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Digital Sales and Distribution Key to Telco Growth in LATAM

In the era of steadily decreasing ARPUs, digitization is providing a lifeline to telecom operators all around the world. Sales and Distribution (S&D) is one such aspect of operator’s business…
Bal Mukund
6th July 2018
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Content Discovery and How to Keep Up With Today’s Evolving Digital Landscape

The digital landscape has undergone massive changes over the past few decades. New modes of technology have increased the need for innovative marketing techniques, and with each new mode that…
David Peters
22nd June 2018
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How Digital Transformation Has Impacted Digital Business Management

How Digital Transformation Has Impacted Digital Business Management “Today, every business is a digital business.” It’s a quote that business leaders across all industries know well. The irony is that…
Kaustubh Kashyap
21st June 2018
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The Rules of Leaving Behind A Digital Legacy

It would be a bit of an understatement to say that the internet has become an integral part of one’s life. After all, let’s face it; we spend hours browsing…
Atul Madan
14th June 2018
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Engaging Digital Content Providers for Better Consumer Engagement & Higher CLV

Urban population has been increasing at a growing pace throughout the world. This new urban generation is different, not just in their preferences but also, how these preferences are defined…
26th September 2017
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Local Content Key to Telecom Growth in Emerging Markets

Telecom network operators have been grappling with the declining profitability trends and margins across the world. Not just that, the ARPUs have also been declining across all markets without prejudice.…
14th September 2017
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Image Analysis: Build Smarter Content-Based Applications

‘’Image analysis capabilities are increasingly becoming advantageous for providing cutting edge landscapes to the applications in the content based product portfolio. The features like discovering specific content in the Ring…
Manish Jain
1st September 2017
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The Digital Explosion

The Digital Explosion: How VAS Business Aggregators are reshaping content for the Digital Era   The Middle East market is primed for the upcoming wave of digital growth.  Key digital…
Kamal Sharma
21st July 2017
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The Digital World of Millennials

Typically, millennials are highly individualistic and dissatisfied with vagueness of information, something that almost never concerned previous generations. The millennials want to experiment with new story formats, form factors and…
Shivangi Maheshwari
13th July 2017
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Content Piracy

Piracy has been increasing day by day, making it a challenge for producers to keep their work safe. They suffer a loss of approximately $2.7 billion each year. Around 70…
Piyush Prasad
11th July 2017
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The Rapidly Growing Application Economy

The application economy is less than a decade old and has already begun to revolutionize the software industry. This is opposed to the history of their services, when much of…
Vishal Gupta
10th July 2017
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Solving the Southeast Asia Digital Content Puzzle

Southeast Asia provides an interesting palette for those wanting to examine the digital landscape of any major region. Here’s why-there is very little doubt that the region has registered impressive…
Atul Madan
20th June 2017
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What Makes Digital Content Tick in MENA

The digital content space in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is, for all intents and purposes, booming. And why not, the region is, after all, conducive to…
Atul Madan
19th June 2017