Software Engineering and Technology

Centralized Logging Using Log4j2 and Rsyslog

One of the solutions I was working on required including the concept of centralized logging. I thought it pertinent to share the approach I derived after some exploration. The requirements…
Noushad Ali
23rd February 2021
Software Engineering and Technology

Simplifying the Game: Why Chatbots ought to be central to one’s Customer Experience Strategy

We are living in a world where customer service has become as important, as the quality of the product or good an organisation is selling. Less than a decade ago,…
Chandan Kumar Ghosh
3rd December 2020
Software Engineering and Technology


Scientist are yet to figure out what kind of data structure does our brain uses but trust me it’s highly scalable, accurate , flexible , deletes the least recently used…
Osho Bajpai
24th September 2015
Software Engineering and Technology

Developer Commits – A Delivery Promise or A Suicide

SVN Commits – Critical Link in the Developer Daily Habits When the whole engine of an organization orchestrates to deliver delightful and working solutions to our customers, there is one…
Mahesh Ghatage
24th September 2015