Comviva’s managed cloud services enables customers to simplify the process of migrating to the cloud platform. The offering enhances both top-and-bottom lines, through various service components, such as ensuring business continuity, asset and service management, solution-based capacity management, etc.


Architect existing cloud infrastructure

Migration and optimization support

Manage the overall value added services ecosystem

Unique Selling Proposition

Plan a Cloud-based Infrastructure

The offerings analyses the customer's value added services infrastructure to determine their readiness for cloud computing. It also helps the customer understand the implications of different types of cloud services and delivery models.

Support for Migration and Optimization

The offering enables customers to migrate from a traditional environment to the cloud platform.

VAS Ecosystem Management

The customer's existing VAS applications are analysed and monitored for optimum functioning.

End-to-End Functionality

The offering entails all the benefits of the cloud platform securely, while keeping in mind the importance of customer satisfaction.

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Managed Services – Comviva

Managed Services – Comviva

Managed Services

Managed Services

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