Comviva’s Rapid Detection and Auto Recovery is an autonomous model that facilitates the capture of data pertaining to quality of experience and quality of service. This is carried out through a combination of mobile simulation, trend analysis and data analytics. Operators are thus able to detect and fix various service-related issues before their business is impacted. The offering helps to automatically identify and resolve service-related issues, improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and enhance an operator’s market position. The solution’s centralized monitoring module keeps operational costs in check. Moreover, the single system scales easily to monitor large multi-technology services, providing service-wide and heterogeneous technology service management.


Flexible integration capabilities to different channels and technologies

Auto recovery post cognitive analysis of faults

Real time user experience depiction and construal

Secured with unique identification functionality at user and administrator levels

Unique Selling Proposition

Auto Diagnose and Self Healing

The tool is capable of diagnosing the problematic event and take actions in order to cure it.

Predictive Analytics

This offering provides insight over the area which can create a problem in near future avoiding its occurrence.

Smart Operations

The tool offers on the move connectivity in order to break down the time needed for solution.

Measures Quality of Experience and Service

The solution has defined different parameters to measure quality of experience. This is achieved by leveraging key quality indicators, including accessibility, availability, retainability and integrity.

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Rapid Detection and Auto Recovery

Rapid Detection and Auto Recovery

Managed Services

Managed Services

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