Comviva’ s Robust Automated Perceptive Intelligent Testing is an automated end to end testing solution. It monitors and tests services and represents the real user perspective. It can initiate or simulate traffic automatically as per the configured soft probes, thus measuring the service availability and quality.


Reduces operational costs through automated monitoring of services

Decreases the time taken to detect issues impacting the service

Gathers information about the quality of the service

Monitors different classes of services like SMS, USSD or data

Adding Value to the Proposition

A SIM Multiplexer and Mobile Application- based Solution

The offering provides easy installation across terrains.

Facilitates Adhoc Testing and Troubleshooting

The tools facilitates engineers to recreate the event in order to troubleshoot a reported problem.

In-house and Cloud based Models

Provides the option to switch between cloud-based and in-house deployment models.

Test Case Automation

The offering automates test cases which in turn provides flexibility to run them whenever needed.

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