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 Amit Sanyal, AVP & Joint head, consumer value solutions, Mahindra Comviva

Equipped with a postgraduate diploma in marketing and finance from the TA PAI Management institute, Manipal, Amit Sanyal began his career as a management trainee with sify technologies in 2003. He worked with the company for seven years and moved up the ranks to lead its retail and online business. He joined Mahindra comviva in 2014 and is currently serving as assistant vice president and joint head, consumer value solutions business.

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February, 2015:

Amongst the many responsibilities that Sanyal has handled so far, he finds his current assignment the most exciting. The business I am responsible for is very exciting value-added services, analytics, real-time marketing, customer value and experience management, he says.The consumer value solutions business is a nascent domain and hence is challenging, given that the scope of work is immense. The biggest challenge is to draw up a business roadmap for a greenfield domain.

He sees four big trends dominating the telecom and allied segments. These are a growing focus on customer value and experience rather than customer acquisition, data driving operator businesses, consumer intent understanding replacing customer lifecycle management, and a gradual move towards digital media to collaborate with third-party players to drive revenue growth.

As a professional, Sanyal has always believed in developing the business through the eyes of the customer and not through the lens of technology. He attributes his success to his ability to constantly look for opportunities and discover a better way of doing things. Describing his management style, Sanyal says, I am not an armchair general; I believe in leading by demonstration. I encourage the teams to experiment and am of the firm belief that it is alright to fail sometimes, if you have never failed, you have never tried. It is important to learn from failures in order to grow as a professional and an individual.

Sanyal’s work requires him to travel frequently, mostly overseas. The only free time he gets is when he’s on a flight, which he uses to read. I am an avid reader and have a habit of buying a new book on every business trip, he says. And when I’m at home, I love spending time with my wife and son.

This interview was originally published in in