A Clear focus on differentiated value -Amit Sanyal, Assistant Vice President & Joint Head for the Consumer,Mahindra Comviva Technologies.

This interview was originally published in Voice & Data

On technology trends:
Big data: Big data can be analysed to discern an overall level of customer satisfaction.A simple text classification engine can be used to discern customer sentiment, and also produce insights into any issue a customer may be facing.

Mobile data: Rise in data consumption backed by spread of mobility solutions and surge in the number of people in middle class segment have been key growth drivers for the telecom industry.
Mobile financial services: The mobile financial services industry has a clear objective of increasing electronic transactions and reducing the dependency on cash as a payment instrument.

On changing dynamics
The service provider and customers are changing their business from buying and selling to a partnership based model. Business models are becoming contingent upon the solutions delivering to the customers objectives. The service provider and customers are forming one ecosystem; a shared risk reward relationship is emerging in the market. There has been a clear shift in the customer acquisition to customer ARPU, retention and enhancement; consequently the areas that the industry is moving to today are also aligned to these three objectives.

On Growth verticals
There are five key growth verticals/focus areas for Mahindra Comviva big data and analytics, content and VAS, mobile financialsolutions, transformational managed services and data.

On pricing trends
Telecom sectors B2B / enterprise segment is gradually transforming towards the B2C concept of being value led. Business models are now adopting the outcome based solutions, in a shared risk reward format which balances the accountability and risk sharing,

Tips for buyers
The product shelf life depends on changing technologies and consumer behaviour The fast paced growth of telecom industry has pushed the operators to constantly innovate to efficiently cater to the customer needs.There needs to be a clear focus on differentiated value.

Impact of SMAC
SMAC is stil relevant with the only change coming in the degree of relevancy. Social is quite an urban phenomena which will be highly adaptive in the coming times, cloud has been significantly adapted but still at its nascent stage. All the emerging trends in the telecom industry are in the infant stage. Analytics has become relevant today because the focus has shifted from customer acquisition to Customer value and retention.

This interview was originally published in Voice & Data