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‘Marketing for Growth’

The Marketing for Growth podcast focuses on the telecom industry and how marketers are building trust and adding value in a rapidly evolving field.

The podcast "Marketing for Growth" is centered around the telecommunications industry and explores how marketers are cultivating trust and delivering value in an ever-changing landscape. The show is hosted by Jessie Paul, a renowned marketer who has authored two best-selling marketing books and published a respected newsletter for marketers for more than ten years. Jessie's extensive marketing background, which includes prior leadership roles and current board service for multiple companies, offers valuable perspectives for listeners. Tune in to engage in discussions about the dynamic realm of marketing for growth within the telecom sector.

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Monetizing Telecom Services - Moving Beyond Connectivity

Tune in to Lars Kristian and Jessie Paul as they delve into the potential for telcos to distinguish themselves and evolve from being merely providers of connectivity to becoming valuable service providers.


The Evolving Role of Marketing Leaders

Leela Gill and Jessie Paul engage in a discussion about the evolving role of marketing leaders, emphasizing the increasing responsibility of marketing in owning the customer experience and the importance of company alignment over individual correctness.


Evolution and Challenges of the Telecom Industry

Join Jessie Paul in conversation with Pradeep Shrivastava to gain insights into the Telecom Industry challenges and its evolution.