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Key recognition in Gartner Market Guide reports in the CSP domain

Comviva Recognized in Gartner Hype Cycle for Communication Service Provider Operations, 2023

Comviva has been recognized as a sample vendor for contributions in the following categories:

  • Partner Ecosystem Management Platforms for CSPs
  • CSP Data Monetization
  • Service and Resource Orchestration

Gartner Hype Cycle captures the top operational capabilities for CSP CIOs to plan, invest and enable broader transformation. CSP operations and its transformation encompass numerous evolving technologies and processes that call for continued investments in capabilities essential for success.
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Market Guide for Partner Relationship Management Applications, 2023

Gartner defines Partner relationship management (PRM) applications market as a set of tools used by providers to interact with their indirect channel partners on a one-to-one and one-to-many basis. PRM tools enhance communication, facilitate training, and support partner sales and marketing activities. PRM applications are used to help providers scale their partner programs and improve partner experience.

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Market Guide for CSP Revenue Management and Monetization Solutions, 2022

Gartner defines CSP revenue management and monetization as a part of BSS, as commercial off-the-shelf software solutions that enable CSPs to manage their revenue management (rating, charging, billing, payments, collections, revenue assurance and fraud management) and monetization initiatives.

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Market Guide for AI Offerings in CSP Customer and Business Operations, 2023

Gartner defines AI in CSP customer and business operations as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) offerings(either embedded in operational technology [OT] applications, a horizontal application or a platform/open platform) with capabilities to utilize customer and business operation data, and develop and evolve algorithms. It also can manage the life cycle of algorithms, applying them to a variety of use cases that optimize and enhance CSP customer and business operations.

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Market Guide for CSP Customer Management and Experience Solutions, 2023

Gartner defines customer management and experience solutions as part of business support systems (BSS) solutions for CSPs, and as commercial off-the-shelf software solutions that address CSPs’ all customer-facing operational requirements. This includes managing customer channels, customer information, incidents, products, pricing, quotes and offers, order and partner management.

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Key Recognitions by Gartner in the CPaaS domain

Market Guide for Communications Platform as a Service, 2022

Recognizes Comviva as a vendor in the CPaaS domain having focus on omnichannel for customer experience, supporting messaging services in verticals such as telecom and finance, among others.

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Market Share Analysis: CPaaS, Worldwide, 2022

The report recognizes Comviva’s market presence in the regions including Middle East, APAC and parts of Europe, in the CPaaS domain.

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Telcos Must Adopt a Multipronged Approach to Succeed in the CPaaS Market

Comviva recognized as a notable vendor having ability to help telcos API-enable their core telecommunication modules

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Forrester recognizes Comviva’s MobiLytix™ Suite in multiple domains

The Customer Analytics Technologies Landscape, Q1 2024

The tools, solutions, and platforms companies use to transform data into customer-focused actions that win, serve, and retain customers.

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The Customer Journey Orchestration Landscape, Q1 2024

The use of real-time data to discover journeys, analyze them, predict future behavior, and adjust the journey in the moment to increase the lifetime value of customer, operational efficiency, and business results.

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The Real-Time Interaction Management Landscape, Q4 2023

Enterprise marketing technology that delivers contextually relevant experiences, value, and utility at the appropriate moment in the customer lifecycle via preferred customer touchpoints.

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The Loyalty Technology Solutions Landscape, Q4 2022

Enterprise marketing technology that supports customer data management, analytics, segmentation, and workflow tools for designing, executing, and measuring marketing engagement across digital and offline channels.

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The Cross-Channel Marketing Hubs Landscape, Q1 2023

Technology solutions that enable marketers to create, manage, and track consumer loyalty programs — including management of currencies, tiers, rewards, offers, and campaigns.

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Now Tech: Enterprise Marketing Suites, Q2 2022

An integrated portfolio of marketing technology products that provide analytics, automation, and orchestration of insight-driven customer interactions to support inbound and outbound marketing.

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Key recognition for BlueMarble Commerce in B2B Digital Commerce domain by IDC

Our BlueMarble Commerce solution takes center stage, recognized for transforming B2B digital commerce with tailored solutions for midmarket growth, praised for its commerce engine, composable, modular and truly headless architecture, complex product bundling capabilities, and unified CRM capabilities, ideal for SPs and telcos that can easily extend into a fully functional modular commerce platform.

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide B2B Digital Commerce Applications for Midmarket Growth 2023–2024

Recognized as a “Major Player” in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide B2B Digital Commerce Applications for Midmarket Growth 2023–2024, which provides an assessment of the principal B2B digital commerce platforms suitable for midmarket buyers

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IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise B2B Digital Commerce Applications 2023–2024 Vendor Assessment

Recognized as a “Contender” in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise B2B Digital Commerce Applications 2023–2024 Vendor Assessment. This provides an assessment of the principal B2B digital commerce platforms suitable for enterprises

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Comviva recognized as a market leader, ranking 2nd, in the Digital Wallets space by Juniper Research

Juniper’s competitor leaderboard ranks Comviva 2nd in the leading digital wallet platforms, across a number of criteria, including the range of payments facilitated, innovation and future business prospects; securing the maximum in “Capacity & Capability” category.

Juniper finds that the number of digital wallet users globally will exceed 5.4 billion in 2028; rising from 3.7 billion in 2023. The report highlighted Open Banking as key for digital wallet vendors in developed markets, with Open Banking-facilitated payments offering a low-cost and friction-free alternative to other mechanisms.

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Juniper recognizes our Messaging Portfolio across multiple domains in their Competitor Leaderboard


Comviva’s NGAGE platform makes it to Juniper’s competitor leaderboard for CPaaS vendors. Learn more about NGAGE here

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A2P Messaging

Comviva stands out as a leading challenger in the A2P Messaging space. Learn more about our Messaging solutions portfolio here

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SMS Firewall

Comviva’s next generation AI/ML powered Messaging Firewall is the go-to solution for MNOs across the world.  Learn more here

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RCS Business Messaging

Comviva recognized in Juniper’s competitor leaderboard. Bridging the gap between legacy messaging services and next-gen rich communications, our RCS solution creates a standardized, seamless, and ubiquitous messaging service across all subscribers. Learn more here

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Conversational Commerce

Comviva’s Conversational AI capabilities recognized in Juniper’s competitor leaderboard. Discover how Comviva NGAGE is spearheading the digital revolution, providing comprehensive solutions to meet the omnichannel engagement demands of enterprises globally.

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Mobile Authentication

Comviva stands out as a leading challenger in the Mobile Authentication space. Learn more about our Messaging solutions portfolio here

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Key recognitions with SPARK Matrix™ reports by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

SPARK Matrix™ – Merchant Payment Platforms, 2023

Comviva products, mobiquity® Pay and PayPLUS are setting the standard for what modern merchant payment platforms should offer. Their innovative features, user-centric design approach, and advanced technology integration position Comviva as a reliable partner.

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SPARK Matrix™ – Communications Platform as a Service, 2023

Comviva CPaaS platform, NGAGE is recognized for its enterprise in omni channel reach coupled with a low code user journey builder, and a forward-thinking approach that incorporates Generative Al, loT and 5G use cases, powered with conversational Al capabilities. It is one of the most scalable platforms in the industry handling over 250+ billion messages in a year.

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Comviva Named in ISG Provider Lens™ Digital Banking Technology and Platforms 2023

Recognized in Digital Banking Engagement Platforms Quadrant Report globally

The ISG Provider Lens™ quadrant assesses platform vendors’ capability to provide digitally enhanced front and middle office solutions for improved customer and employee digital engagement experience across their banking lifecycle journey.

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Comviva Recognized in Omdia Universe: Digital Banking Platforms 2023

Rated as a "Prospect" in Omdia's quadrant report on Digital Banking Platforms 2023. Omdia states that Comviva, while still rated as a prospect, has vastly improved its solution capabilities and is much closer to being regarded as a market challenger in the competitive digital banking platform landscape. The vendor has improved its ability to add solution features more quickly, particularly with the channel types it supports, and was commended for the platform’s adaptability and ability to personalize the customer experience.

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Key Recognitions by Rocco for our Messaging Solutions domain

SMS Firewall Market Impact 2023

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The A2P SMS Messaging Market Impact Report 2023 – MNO Edition

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The A2P SMS Messaging Market Impact Report 2023 – Enterprise Edition

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A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Benchmarking Report 2022 – Strategic Analysis MNO Edition

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