It goes without saying that digital disruption is the norm, not an exception, for the communications space today. This paradigm shift can well be attributed to several factors in the overall ecosystem. The rise (and rise) of over-the-top players, the advent of digital startups and last (but certainly not the least) fickle and “always-on” customers. It doesn’t end there, of course. From a business perspective, every stakeholder in the space has to contend with investing large amounts in their network, the slow (but sure) slowdown in subscriber acquisition and unrelenting pressure from regulators. To survive, it thus becomes paramount for every player to focus on (or a combination of) two aspects: transforming into digital services providers and digital service enablers. Herein lies the catch, though. Change does not equal disruption. In fact, the latter takes place when a fundamental shift occurs in a system or environment-say, cloud computing or analytics, for that matter. In short, at the end of the day, companies that stay ahead of the curve are those which chalks out digital-centric strategies that are tightly integrated with their businesses. And remain nimble and responsive to changing business requirements. Not to forget, of course, eliminate data silos and leverage customer data to their benefit. Is your organization prepared to compete in the era of digital disruption?

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January 2020 |

Vritti - The Digital Financial Services Guide, Edition 14

In 2020 and years to come ‘digital’ will redefine financial services industry globally creating substantive social impact. India has already progressed on this path by leveraging the power of ‘digital’ to add value to ives over a billion people. We discuss India’ssuccess in digital financial services and its transformative impact in detail in the article ‘Digital Future of Development’. Next, we let our technical expert do the talking on best practices to follow while adopting micro-services architecture in the article ‘Micro-Service Architecture: Doing it the Right Way!’. Further, we explore strategies to address the global challenge of enhancing financial inclusion in rural areas in the article ‘Five Ways to Extend Mobile Money Penetration in Rural Areas’. Lastly, we learn about two new digital payment services – SBI Card Pay from India and inwi money from Morocco and discover what’s innovative about them in the article ‘What’s New’.
March 2019 |

Vritti - The Digital Payments Guide, Edition 13

Today, digital is a reality and providing the right ‘digital experience’ for different user segments is an imperative. ‘FANG’ companies - Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google have mastered the game of delivering the right ‘digital experience’. Banks who want to improve their ‘digital experience’ strategy can learn few tricks from FANG companies. We discuss more on this in our first article ‘‘FANG’ification of Banking’. Next, we look at digital financial services from the social lens and explore how mobile money is helping to bridge the gender gap in financial access in the article ‘Closing the Gender Gap’. We also explore the role of digital payments in strengthening fight against disease outbreak in the article ‘Tackling Health Crisis with Digital Payments’. Lastly, we go to Indonesia to find how digital payments are progressing in the world’s largest island nation in the article ‘The Indonesian Digital Payments Story’.
December 2018 |

Vritti - The Digital Financial Service Guide, Edition 12

Banks are facing stiff competition from fintech companies. Hence, for banks, going digital is a reality today and providing a differentiated digital banking experience to consumers across segments is the norm. We look deeper into this trend and explore how digital banking is growing in Middle East and Nigeria in articles – ‘Digital Banking Making Inroads into Middle East’ and ‘Leading Nigeria to Digital Banking Age’ Next, we shift our focus to mobile money and discover the smartphone’s potential to transform mobile money services in Africa in the article ‘Increasing Smartphone Penetration in Africa: Tremendous Scope to Revolutionize the Mobile Money Market’. Lastly, we find out how mobile money services are helping mid and low income people to invest in capital market and grow their money in the article ‘Mobile Money: From Financial Inclusion to Financial Enrichment’.
October 2018 |

Vritti - The Financial Inclusion Series, Edition 11

The Global Findex Database 2017 is out! This exhaustive database released by World Bank after every three years gives us a comprehensive picture of how far we have succeeded in extending the access of financial services to all. It gives invaluable insight on how adults in over 140 economies access financial accounts, save, borrow and make payments. This year’s Global Findex reveals that financial inclusion grew by 18 percentage points, from 51 per cent in 2011 to 69 per cent in 2017. On the other hand, however, certain aspects, such as the gender gap in financial access have remained constant at 7 per cent since 2011. It also focuses on the transformative role which digital payments especially mobile money is playing in expanding access and use of account in regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa. There is lot to explore in the comprehensive Global Findex Database and Report. We choose, instead, to offer our readers the highlights through a series of four articles in this special edition of Vriti – the financial inclusion series. In the first article, we capture the key trends in financial inclusion worldwide. In the second article, we focus on how mobile money is enhancing financial access and usage, ranging from remittances to government payments. The last two articles put the spotlight on regional financial inclusion trends in India and SubSaharan Africa.
March 2018 |

Vritti - The Digital Payments Guide, Edition 10

With more and more payment transactions going digital, 2018 promises to be another crucial year for growth of digital payments. We take a closer look at the growth drivers of digital payments in 2018 in the first article “What to Expect in Digital Payments in 2018” In the second article “The Rise of China’s Cashless Society” we turn the spotlight on China and explore how it is becoming the global flag bearer for digital payments economy. Next, in the article “Mobile Money Interoperability” we discuss how service providers, regulators and industry bodies are working towards achieving interoperability to realize the true potential of mobile money. And, finally, in the article “Moving towards a Mobile Money Revolution in Afghanistan” we turn our attention to Afghanistan to look at how mobile money can help in rebuilding the economy of this war ravaged country.
December 2017 |


Mobile money has, to quote GSMA, “done more to extend the reach of financial services in the last decade than traditional brick and mortar banking has, in the last century. It has (and continues to) played a key role in deepening financial inclusion. So, what’s next?Herein lies the conundrum-the mobile payments space is, without a doubt, witnessing significant activity. However, not all trends are worth examining in detail. The second edition of Mahindra Comviva’s newsletter, featuring Gartner Research, aims to do just that. The newsletter takes an in-depth look at five trends that are shaping the mobile payments space-now and in the near future.Broadly, the newsletter takes a look at the evolution of mobile money services; the rise of enterprise mobile money; why conversational commerce is in the spotlight today; why unified payments acceptance for merchants ought to be the norm and the advent of digital banks.
October 2017 |

Monetizing New Telecom Digital Opportunities

Digital Business continues to change and disrupt the telecom business. While this presents new monetization opportunities it has brings new challenges. High pressure on profit margins is leading to more digital disruption, operators are finding it harder to keep up with the distinct needs of next-generation consumers and support enterprise requirements for digital business transformation.
September 2017 |

Vritti - The Digital Payments Guide, Edition 9

FinTech is not exclusive to startups anymore. Leading financial institutions are embracing technology to grow their business and expand their reach. This edition of Vritti explores how the disruptive nature of FinTech is revolutionizing financial services ranging from financial inclusion to wealth management.
May 2017 |

Vritti | Edition 8

What will drive the next wave of mobile payments and digital commerce? This edition of Vritti will answer this question on everyone’s mind.
January 2017 |

Vritti | Edition 7

The year 2016 was a disruptive year in payments, with many new digital payment solutions coming to the fore. 2017 promises so much more as old habits and customs linked to cash gradually give way to digital way of doing things.
October 2016 |

Vritti | Edition 6

In this quarter’s edition of Vritti we provide you with a rich selection of articles covering NFC, IOT, growing mobile wallet market in the Middle East and the role of mobile money in rehabilitating refugees in conflict zones. In the article “Demystifying IOT”, we focus on some of the amazing opportunities IOT provides, besides looking at the enabling system of standards and technologies needed for it to thrive. In our “NFC 101” boot camp, you learn about various NFC usage cases, NFC technologies and some really neat parlour tricks, like instantly configuring your WiFi /Bluetooth with just a tap of your mobile NFC device. Next, we turn our attention to the Middle East with its increasing base of mobile wallet users. We have focussed our attention on the evolution of mobile payments in the region with our articles "Kick-Starting the Mobile Wallet Revolution in the GCC region" and "Iran: Poised for Mobile Wallet". And finally, "Right to a Future: Empowering and Rehabilitating Refugees through Mobile Money" looks at how mobile money can play a big role in the economic rehabilitation of refugees by replacing food aid with digital cash aid.
July 2016 |

Vritti | Edition 5

On our first anniversary issue, celebration begins by discussing the social, economic and political emancipation of women in our article: "Bending the Gender Gap with mobile money". The celebration continues as we turn the spotlight firmly on "selfie payments" in our article: "Selfie Payments - A Marketing Gimmick or a … Innovation". "A journey of modern ATMs" takes you on a journey of how the humble ATM developed from a quiet sentinel at the frontiers of payments to today's high tech ATM that have become the face of banks and financial institutions. For the finale, we try to solve the prepaid puzzle in "Solving the Prepaid Puzzle". I hope you like reading our anniversary issue as much as we loved bringing it to you.
May 2016 |

Vritti | Edition 4

In this summer edition of Vritti, we have a special. Yes! We’ve guest author, the CTO of EcoCash, Vinod Sharma in the house: He writes about his burning passion: Banking as a Service (BAAS) and Banking as a Platform (BAAP). The goodies keep coming: In “Block-chain in Action”, we’ve created a strong case for block-chain technology disintermediating, well, just about everything in the future. To whet your appetite even further, we suggest you take a dekko at our mobile payments feature, “4 Entities that Make Mobile Payments a Success”. "Mobile Money - Macro Economic Impact" takes up the gauntlet further and lays bare the mobile money’s impact on economy. And finally, we've “Internet of Payments” talking about the brave new world of the internet of things and their relation with payments.
January 2016 |

Vritti | Edition 3

Learn about how gamification is becoming a powerful tool for customer education while saving big bucks across industries in ‘A Game Plan’. Keep an eye out for the hacker and the crackers in ‘What the HACK?’We take you through the multitude of initiatives that Econet is driving in Zimbabwe through EcoCash to create a cash lite economy. We also compiled for you a narrative of all that has happened in the last year in the world of mobile wallets.
October 2015 |

Vritti | Edition 2

We have packed in this edition with topics that we believe is of interest to you. Read on biometrics as means to combat financial fraud including identity theft in “mobilution”. With Payment Bank licenses being issued in India, we have tried to bring to light what these entities can do, their business model and key challenges that await payment banks in “trending now”. Learn what blockchain is and the finer nuances in “technically speaking”. More on how the mobile phone and mobile money has revolutionized governance across the globe in “changing lives”.
July 2015 |

Vritti | Edition 1

Vritti, literally “whirlpool” in Sanskrit, seems to resonate well with the constant innovation and disruption we see in the mobile financial landscape today. We felt that a dedicated newsletter would be an ideal vehicle to share our analysis of the latest trends, deep dive into a technology that is gaining momentum, understand the forces disrupting the industry and present our insights from the over 50 markets that we operate in today. In this issue, we present to you the major disruptions that mobility has caused in the financial space, an analysis on the impact of Android Pay on mobile wallets, a demystification of “the Cloud” and a look at the impact that mobility has had on the transportation industry.