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From Financial Inclusion to Digital Banking

Mobile money has, to quote GSMA, “done more to extend the reach of financial services in the last decade than traditional brick and mortar banking has, in the last century. It has (and continues to) played a key role in deepening financial inclusion. So, what’s next?

Herein lies the conundrum-the mobile payments space is, without a doubt, witnessing significant activity. However, not all trends are worth examining in detail. The second edition of Mahindra Comviva’s newsletter, featuring Gartner Research, aims to do just that. The newsletter takes an in-depth look at five trends that are shaping the mobile payments space-now and in the near future.

Broadly, the newsletter takes a look at the evolution of mobile money services; the rise of enterprise mobile money; why conversational commerce is in the spotlight today; why unified payments acceptance for merchants ought to be the norm and the advent of digital banks.

The newsletter also features the Practical Blockchain: A Gartner Trend Insight Report.

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