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To address the challenge of rapidly dwindling revenues, companies in the global technology space are focusing on bundled offerings, flexible discounting rules, cross sell campaigns and a hassle-free customer experience. For corporate customers and enterprises, offering attractive contracts and product bundles is another challenge.

Comviva’s Convergent billing solution is designed to function as a single window solution for an operator’s billing requirements and a corporate or enterprises’ bundled offerings. Convergent billing enables the operator to replicate existing business rules and plans across various business lines for quick roll outs and reduce re-verification overheads.

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Key Features & Benefits

Enabling a robust convergent billing capability

The offering is designed to address an operator’s requirement for multi-play offerings and a robust convergent billing capability.Support for varied customer offerings including: Prepaid solutions, post-paid products and hybrid offerings

Customer Portfolio Management

  • Customer Subscriptions Management
  • Customer Hierarchy Management
  • Billing Preferences Management
  • Separate bills for products
  • Single bill for all products

Convergent Product Portfolio

Support for multi-play offerings, product bundling, for inventory and handset-linked packages and products

Discounts and Promotions

  • Cross-product discounts
  • Up-sell discounts
  • Service-based discounts

Revenue Segregation

  • GL and RT management
  • Revenue reporting

Bulk Mediation

  • Enable MVNO offerings
  • Interconnect CDRs

Tax Management

A flexible tax framework as per the relevant geography and prevalent tax rules

Roaming and Interconnect

  • Partner on boarding and lifecycle
  • Partner contract management
  • Partner payout calculation
  • Partner invoicing
  • Partner self-service

Bill or Invoice Formatting and Management


Expand your cross-product portfolio

Product Catalogue

Comviva’s Product Catalogue enables defining a product or an offering. This process includes defining services being offered in terms of components, relevance, pricing, and correlation of services being offered in that plan.

Telecom operators can define offers based on:

  • Monthly rental
  • Installation or device charges
  • Free units (currency and usage)
  • Tariff and service usage slabs
  • A combination of the aforementioned factors

Unified Product Management

  • The unified solution manages all the customer’s products, tariffs, rental charges, balances, packages, and network services via a single intuitive web application.

Manage Enterprise-to-Enterprise Product Life cycle

  • Rapidly create and assemble components as per product specifications
  • Group common product components into reusable branches

Offer Management

  • Volume, duration, event type, and location-based plans and offers
  • A flexible rule definition engine to define tariffs, recurring and one-time charges for products and offers
  • Management of tax and discounts


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