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The Telecom Service Logic Execution Environment (TSLEE) is a convergent platform that is designed to execute services on any network and protocols. The aim is to separate the business logic from the access network.

The offering can be leveraged as a service container, service broker, IMS-SCIM or IMS-SSF, etc. As an orchestrator, it permits a combination of services, as per the operator’s requirements (broker-SCIM).

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Key Features & Functionalities

Enabling an Intelligent Network

This versatile platform enables and simplifies the network evolution. New technologies can be deployed by simply upgrading the software without the need of deploying a new platform.

Multiple Services in a Single Platform

It houses services such as HomeZone, YieldZone, VPN, PPS IN-SCP/IM-GWF, Number Translation, Call Screening, FreePhone, Pay4Me, etc

Flexible Platform

It can be used as a service container, service broker, IMS-SCIM, IMS-SSF, etc, as per operator requirements

Easy Integration

Most standard protocols, including 2G, 3G and LTE/IMS, are supported

A Proven and Scalable Solution

Installations with over 25,000 CAPS, catering to more than 200 million subscribers globally

Deployment Options

Fast Implementation of deployments which can be based on NFV, virtualized or Baremetal

High Uptime

99.999 per cent Uptime Guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to your queries

How can we protect and keep our network investment productive?

The Telecom SLEE IN/IMS platform enables the execution of services on any type of networks and protocols (fixed, mobile, IMS and/or VoLTE/VoWiFi), separating the business logic from the access network.

How can we reduce costs?

The Telecom SLEE platform is an all-In-one offering that optimizes CAPEX and OPEX in a single convergent platform. It offers a single licensing model for all the services, over a single platform, with a single support contract.

How is a fragmented service architecture in our core network managed?

The Telecom SLEE platform breaks the vertical solutions paradigm, by integrating all services on a convergent future ready platform. This, in turn, enables operation efficiency from a unique management system and a set of tools for development and business analysis.

What differentiates Telecom SLEE from other platforms?

Full-service integration, fast deployment, cloud-based solution or NFVM, resilient and scalable architecture, with a 99.999 per cent annual uptime warranty.

How can we implement complex services, involving several network functions and protocols?

Telecom SLEE provides modules pertaining to service orchestration and brokering to manage end-to-end services when the core network is not able to concatenate all features involved in a single session.

Once the Telecom SLEE platform has been deployed, would Comviva continue to facilitate the development of new services?

No. Network operators can develop, test, and deploy new services, by using the visual design tools integrated in the Telecom SLEE platform.

What services can be deployed?

Telecom SLEE allows to implement enhanced service logic that are not designed to be accomplished by network core elements. These include VPNs, Pay4Me, Home/Office Zone, Advanced Number Translation, Black / White Lists, Centralized Logic for Customer Attention Centre channels, etc.

How can we manage legacy services from multiple vendors in our core network?

Telecom SLEE helps to address end of life resources, dissatisfaction with current vendors, or pricing issues to keep the existing solution, among others.

How long does it take to implement a new service with Telecom SLEE?

Using Telecom SLEE development tools, new services can be implemented, tested and deployed in just few weeks.

Does Telecom SLEE uses proprietary protocols?

Telecom SLEE is an open solution that fully complies with 3GPP and also supports telecom industry standards.


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