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To keep pace with the demands of today’s customers, operators are increasingly focusing on digital transformation, seamless omni-channel experiences, etc. all. Customer experience management and social customer relationship management (CRM) are driving the shift in CRM software from operational to intelligent systems.

Comviva’s integrated CRM solution offers a unified view of a customer’s interactions with the operator. Broadly, this perspective includes; the customer’s identity, demographics, payment behavior, purchase behavior, omni-channel integration, and social activity.

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Key Features & Benefits

Facilitating a holistic and dynamic experience

The offering provides a holistic view of the subscriber’s information in real-time, whilst ensuring an omni-channel, dynamic experience

Lead Management

Capture, distribute, qualify and convert your leads all in one place

Intuitive Interfaces

View data in tabular or graphical format and create location based geographical maps or heat maps for deeper understanding of business trends

Service Request Management

A robust query-request-complaint system with the flexibility to define flows and escalation rules, management of data, VAS, and other services.

Social Media Integration

Give Users an experience – To Explore , Self Subscribe and Grievance redressal via social media platforms while reducing dependency on call centers

Virtual Assistant Based Digital Customer Care experience

Interact using Alexa and Google Assistant to query your SR status, log a service request or check your balance


Focusing on digital transformation & seamless omni-channel experiences

Number Management

Comviva’s Number Management System aims at the management of numbering resources for the mobile operator. This includes the processes of automating inventory management, number selection and number assignment.

Other features include – end-to-end life cycle management of SIM cards, optimization of number resources, number pooling, and online automated mobile number activation and changes.



Cost Optimization: The offering supports just-in-time number ordering for cost optimization. This in turn ensures substantial opex savings for the operator.

Real-time monitoring: It ensures that a real-time snapshot of an operators’ inventory is always available for taking business critical decisions and maintaining service level agreements.

Streamlined Connectivity: It provides a real-time link for operators to link with channel sales partners and accept requests, while obtaining an accurate picture of the available inventory in the market.

Flexible Models: It provides the operator the flexibility to define a vanity number and segment all such numbers into multiple buckets. Value-based pricing for such numbers to extract the true valuation of specialized numbers.

Order Management

Comviva’s Order Management cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates distributed order management, order orchestration and intelligent inventory sourcing within the customer’s existing infrastructure.

The platform facilitates servicing of all customer channels, including retail, self-service, call centers, dealers, etc. through dedicated domain components.



Interface Management: The system supports multiple integrations for north bound systems, by leveraging standard protocols, such as JSON, SOAP, TELNET etc. to receive requests.

Fallout Management: Confidential data storage and transport is encrypted and system recovery is ensured in a specific timeframe. Thereafter, requests are released from the “hold” state and executed.

Order Re-processing and Rollback: The system reprocesses requests that have failed, owing to configured error codes.

Workflow Management: A graphical interface is provided for each request being processed to showcase the status. An order flow is defined via a “drag-and-drop” mechanism.




end-customers globally


Increase in Engagement Rate


CDRs processed per day in a single deployment


Of Average Hold Time globally least for a CRM solution


Success with Comviva

Airtel Rwanda has had the chance to work with Mahindra Comviva for their iPACS CRM solution. The solution was deployed in 2012 and the experience has been good. The solution manages CRM for both prepaid as well as postpaid customers and is flexible to incorporate changes on the go.

Bieliza Kalumbi ElyseIT Operations Manager, Airtel Rwanda

Since first deployment of iPACS in 2014, it has proved to be a bankable solution with high capability to scale up & incorporate changes on the go. I am satisfied with the performance of Mahindra Comviva’s iPACS and would recommend the solution for all CRM needs.

Anand ChapekarDelivery Manager, Tech Mahindra

Airtel, the largest telecom operator in India has been using Mahindra Comviva's iPACS CRM solution for more than 10 years now. The solution has proven to be stable, robust, scalable and flexible to deliver according to our requirements and expectations that have helped us build an enormous confidence in the product and its capabilities.

Vijay VenkataswamyGeneral Manager - IT, Airtel India


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