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Who is it for

For Telecom Operators

DSDP is a comprehensive, scalable and API driven multi-channel solution that has been designed keeping in mind the changing needs of the consumers and offers the latest technologies and a rich set of capabilities that will help operators explore and realize new opportunities arising out of digital without exposing them to risks of escalating costs.

Integrated offering comprising of partner on-boarding, reconciliation & settlement management, subscription lifecycle management, customer care, security, fraud prevention and campaigning capability will allow operators to meet up the evolving market and business needs.

Operator’s Benefits

- Facilitate negotiations to improve margins by managing complex digital services partnerships
- Help in reducing operators’ trouble tickets whilst reducing churn
- Introduce new services in the market within stipulated time

End User’s Benefits

- Personalized engagement & Omni channel experience
- Unified service and content discovery
- Flexible, safe and secure medium of transaction

Who is it for

For Enterprises and Banks

DSDP Banking Solution is a complete multi-channel security-rich platform that enables the bank customers’ to subscribe to the digital services spanning multiple genres such as entertainment, utility, cuisine etc.  The solution can get integrated with existing banking application to offer a broad set of functionality including Subscription Lifecycle, Charging Engine, Recommendation, Security, Reporting and Partner Management.

Banking Partner’s Benefits

- The solution opens different means of revenue generation through diversified offerings.
- It improves customer loyalty and reduces the churn.
- Allows Banks to cross sell and diversify from their commoditized offerings.

End User’s Benefits

- The solution brings a one stop window to faster and relevant service discovery.
- It is well equipped with hassle free and trusted payment modes.
- Personalised cross service recommendation makes end users life more convenient.

Key Features & Benefits

Managing the operator’s requirements in an end-to-end manner

The solution is designed to ensure reduced integration time and cost of ownership, and enhanced scalability for both, operators and service providers.

NFV and Micro-Services based Architecture

System comes with the Containerized Micro services that runs over SOA

Cyber Security Compliant – OWASP & WAF

Mitigate fraudulent activities from:

  • Advertisers
  • Bots
  • Malicious sites

Benefits CSAT and reduction in Customer care Complaints.

SC Tool & EPG for creating your Website & AD placement

  • Self Creation of website using Drag and Drop functionality
  • AD time slots can be defined using EPG GUI in simple steps
  • Benefit: Monetization in VOD, AVOD models

Partners – Onboarding, Reconciliations & Invoicing

  • Self on-boarding
  • Uploading the Contracts
  • Defining the Services
  • Reconcile the payments
  • Generation of Invoices

Discovery & Consumption of Services via Social Media Channels

  • Enablement of New Age Digital channels
  • 360-degree consumer engagement
  • CLM through OTT Messaging apps

API Gateway and Sandbox for ease Integrations & Testing

Single point of entry for a defined group of micro-services Benefit helps in smoothening the Integration process.

SSO and GUI for Service Definitions for Partners & Telco’s

  • GUI based SSO system
  • 3 steps service definition
  • Benefit: Faster TAT for service Rollout and GTM

AI Driven Technology to simplify user journey

  • NLP for Chatbots
  • Image & Object identification,
  • Translation & Transliteration
  • Automatic Metadata Creation Support different use cases of  M&E industry

BI & Analytics for Business and Operations verticals’

  • Provides tangible and quantifiable insights
  • Real time reporting and KPI monitoring
  • Business Driven Alert


Market Share of mobile digital services revenue in Myanmar, Jordan, & Kuwait


Size of network base of the largest deployment


Deployments for DSDP and mBAS across the world till date


Total approximate number of transactions processed in a year across the world


Enabling the digital ecosystem

Subscription Manager

The Mobile Billing and Subscription platform manages customer payment and provisioning solutions in real time. This is achieved via a two-step process –


Monetization: This element encompasses life cycle management, revenue enhancement and “winning back” customers.

Reporting and Analytics: This is aimed at driving business performance, tracking performance and targets and obtaining actionable insights into the business.


  • Rating which encompasses defining service tariffs in a single node
  • Charging houses a single node to interplay with core charging nodes
  • Provisioning houses a single node to interplay with core provisioning nodes
  • Policy Management entails a single node to define data-centric policies
  • Subscription Management defines subscriptions, bundling, et all
  • Real-Time Service Launch to reduce go-to-market timelines

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