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BlueMarble Commerce is an end-to-end solution suite to support omnichannel and multiplay digital commerce experience for telecommunication customers.

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Key Features

All-channel, multi-play commerce at work

Offering a 10% increase in sales with a single-play deployment
40% reduction in average handling time (AHT)
Enhance order validation by offering a 40% reduction in order fallout & errors
Offers a 3 month Go-Live Time for launching a new channel on existing infrastructure

Building Blocks


BlueMarble Commerce is an omni-channel, multi-play commerce solution supporting digital and physical products with a consistent customer experience

Product Catalog

TMForum compliant consolidated BlueMarble Product catalog offers support for complete portfolio, product, services, and resource management for driving commerce and order management solutionsFederation and Enterprise Product Catalog model supporting automated Product Data synchronization

Order Management

BlueMarble Order Management offers a Lean, convergent, micro-services-based order orchestration for all services and lines-of-business. Includes a library of Integration building blocks with Configurable and Reusable Process Blocks(s)


Years of rich industry experience with 7 out of top 10 largest telecom customers


Over 2 billion platform users across 95+ countries


CDRs processed in a single deployment


50+ patents, 1800+ innovators and top technology partners including Microsoft Azure, IBM, and ServiceNow


Delivers an end-to-end digital solution with a consultative led engagement


Acknowledged as Experts by various leading analysts from firms including Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, Forrester, Markets & Markets, OMDIA, among others


Gold Level Certified with 17 Open API Conformance Certifications from TM Forum as of September 2021


Boasts a variety of industry leading awards and accolades including Juniper Future Digital Awards, Global Telecom Business, Customer Experience Asia Excellence Awards, Glomo Awards, among others


Success with Comviva

It reduces our time to market for new products and services significantly and
enables us to respond quickly to events and market changes

Astrid HesselsChief Commercial Officer, Regional Fiber & Cable Operator

We selected BlueMarble because we are addicted to ODA and with this solution, we get a lot of out of the box TM Forum Open APIs. The other reason is we wanted to have a platform which is cloud native that helps us to deploy a software or features in future faster, in the cloud environment, and the BlueMarble suite offers especially these kinds of features.

Ulrich IrnichCIO, Vodafone Germany


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BlueMarble UseCase Multiplay Omnichannel Experience


BlueMarble Slice to Price

Case Study

Comviva BlueMarble Commerce sales front-end enabled operator to completely shield the BSS transformation.

Case Study

Comviva BlueMarble Commerce helps operator to accelerate the sales process, reduce errors and create a superior customer experience

Case Study

Comviva BlueMarble Catalog facilitates the end-to-end management of the product

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