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Video Storage And Processing Platform

100% software, high-performance, scale-out video storage

The Emmy® award winning* Video Storage And Processing Platform (VSPP) solution powers a unified solution for cloud DVR, on-demand, and time/place-shifted services, offering better performance, reduced latency, and much lower CAPEX and TCO.

Service providers can deliver a full range of next-generation TV services quickly, easily and cost effectively through VSPP. Built on a simplified, componentized, and scalable architecture, it supports multiple services, networks, and devices, offering massive scale-out and high performance.
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Video Storage And Processing Platform (VSPP) is the only field proven, large-scale software-based solution that provides resiliency, very high throughput, and virtually hands-off maintenance.

For cable companies, multiple service operators (MSOs), telcos and content providers who need a cost efficient, reliable solution for massively scalable video storage and recording that exceeds stringent performance requirements, the Comviva Video Storage And Processing Platform (VSPP) platform is highly optimized to minimize hardware footprint and provide best possible TCO.

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Key Features & Benefits

Media workflow framework

  • Media Ingest / Recording
  • Media delivery (streaming)
  • Media transcoding
  • Ad insertion
  • Packaging
  • Encryption
  • Content delivery/streaming

Comprehensive Diagnostics suite

  • Enables real time tracking the root of problems
  • Service level monitoring enables tracking parameters that directly affect user experience, for example: number of restarts, session allocation time, failed playout sessions
  • Strong framework for business analytics

Rich set of interfaces to the storage

  • Ingest live video streams (MPEG SPTS, ABR/CBR)
  • Integrated grid based CDN origin (ABR delivery)
  • Supports media streaming to legacy clients (RTSP, LSCP for UDP streaming)
  • MPEG SPTS output

Just in time Transcoding (JITX)

Shared file system with built in distributed RAID Supports any storage devices (HDD, SSD, flash memory, DRAM)

Specialized compression (deduplication) functions

  • Storage reductions and CAPEX optimization

Grid Management Suite

  • Resource management for server clusters
  • Grid management and load balancing
  • System topology, system administration and monitoring
  • Typically runs on a pair of servers to provide high availability configuration
  • Maintains meta data for the clustered storage
  • Interfaces to customer back-office systems


Cloud DVR

Replaces in-home DVR by moving consumer video storage up into the cloud (into VSPP)
• Private-copy (mostly U.S and North America)
• Shared-copy
• Hybrid (mix of private & shared based on per-channel & per-regional rights)

Catch-up TV

Stores channels from hours to years to allow anyone to catch up on what they missed or restart a program in the middle

Origin server

Central storage for VOD assets and delivering or streaming assets upon request

Non-media uses

• Legal compliance (broadcast video storage)
• Cloud Gaming recording
• Metaverse – recording the output for Trust & Safety applications
• Central video storage (search engines, broadcasters, video-centric agencies)


Success with Comviva

The long-term partnership between MEO, Altice’s Portuguese brand, and Mediakind remains key to deliver an integrated TV solution to our >1,5M IPTV/OTT subscribers. MK VSPP (Video Storage and Processing Platform) underpins our OTT video strategy at group level delivering Live, Restart, Catchup, and NPVR services, smoothly scaling and fast evolving, taking advantage of the latest video/storage technologies.

José Pedro NascimentoDirector of Engineering and Operations


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