payPLUS adopts an integrated view of the merchants, and consumers

payPLUS empowers merchant partners with a unified payment acceptance platform that enables the acceptance of any payment instrument across multiple channels. payPLUS offers a unified interface for merchants to manage all instruments, channels and technologies through a single interface.

Who is payPLUS for

A One-stop Shop for All Payment Acceptance Needs

payPLUS empowers merchants with a unified payment acceptance platform that enables the acceptance of any payment instrument across multiple channels.

payPLUS for Merchants

Merchants would need a solution like payPLUS when they are looking to reduce their costs (minimise MDR through smart routing thereby increase success rates), tighten control over UI (by owning a seamless checkout process) and to have the ability to add payment instruments and channels without having dependency on payment service providers apart from providing a Reconciliation System and value add modules like Invoice Payments and more.

Key Features & Benefits

A Flexible and Customizable Offering

payPLUS is built over an extremely flexible and adaptive architecture that allows merchants to configure it to fit businesses of any nature, size, scale and hierarchy.

Complete One-Stop Payment Solution

payPLUS provides the whole 9 yards of payments acceptance for digital merchants including Complete Merchant Management system supporting N-level Hierarchy, payment instrument management system, checkout forms module providing seamless payment presentation layer, fraud management system via partners and more.

Smart Routing

Rules based dynamic Routing system that ensures high success rates at lower MDRs

Invoice Payments

Securely generated web addresses which allow customers to make payments using all of merchant’s supported payment method ranging from cards to NB to Wallets & beyond. This also works for over the counter transactions where customer is present and can also be scheduled by larger merchants for their recurrent customers

Rules Based Reconciliation

Automatic to semi-automatic recon system providing a console to set recon rules at pre-decided frequencies. Recon between merchant transaction record & PSPs settlement data


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India Technology Award (Code Studio 2019)

Comviva won the India Technology Award (Code Studio 2019) in the Best Technology Provider for Financial Technology (FinTech) Services for our PayPLUS Unified Payment Acceptance Solution.


What is PayPLUS’s Unified Payment Acceptance


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