Ensuring customer delight plays a vital role in customer retention and increasing average revenue per user. Efficient management of a diverse third party services portfolio needs to be carried out, keeping in mind the customer’s ability to pay.

Comviva’s Mobile Billing and Subscription platform enables the operator to streamline third party sales. In addition, the platform helps to manage customer payment and provisioning solutions in real time. The result is better health of the operator- provider and customer ecosystem.


Real-time charging for event and session-based services

End-to-end subscription lifecycle management

Ensures service provisioning on different network nodes

Loyalty and extensive network performance reporting

Unique Selling Proposition

Efficient Rollout of Third Party Services

Comviva’s Mobile Billing and Subscription Platform helps the operator to decouple their VAS nodes billing and subscription from the core network. This defines flexible rating and charging rules, discounts, promotions, subscriptions and provisioning for all VAS services through a single common interface.

Flexible Rating Options and Subscription Management

The platform has the capability to define the tariffs, based on a number of parameters. these include service ID (SMS, USSD, short code and keywords etc), service type (audio, text or image), service provider or third party vendors, etc.

Faster Rollout

The platform has proven deployments in over 55 locations handling over 1 billion transactions daily.

Real Time Activity

The platform enables operators to launch tariff plans in real-time. These are flexible offerings, based on the customer's usage patterns.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Global Deployments
Billion Transactions a Year
Million Subscribers, with
20 Million Transactions
at single Site
Single interface for complete billing
and management for third party
services as well as VAS and OTT

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Comviva – mBAS

Comviva – mBAS

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
Case Study

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

By deploying the Centralized Subscription Manager solution enabled a leading operator in India to expand the scale of its value added services portfolio.

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