This solution solves the charging related problems of an operator’s transition to long termevolution (LTE) networks. It is a multi-protocol integration toolthat supports business analytics on any telecom network.

The solution enables operators to create and execute multiple telephone services. Moreover, different protocols and networks, such as LTE, IMS, IP, 2G and 3G can be accessed. It allows processing a large amount of messages, with low latency and high availability.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

TPS per Node
Nodes exhibiting
Unlimited Growth
Eight Weeks
Go-to-Market Time


Charging management for legacy intelligent network-based services

Charging management for new SIP-based services

Extensive deployment of real-time business analytics

Availability of end-of-call SMS to notify balance status

Unique Selling Proposition

Faster Time to Market
The solution enables an operator to launch a product within eight weeks owed to the reduced integration with the network
Next Generation Technology Agnostic
The solution supports the cloud and network functions virtualization platforms
Extensive Monitoring
The offering supports and facilitates network monitoring and business analytics tools
Service Launch Support
The product supports the launch of products in an agile and innovative manner

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Charging Gateway

Charging Gateway

Making Telecom Networks Future-Ready
Case Study

Making Telecom Networks Future-Ready

Deploying the charging gateway at a big operator in Brazil helped support network function virtualization.
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