Comviva’s Data Revenue Booster helps operators to increase their customer reach by leveraging channels like YouTube and Spotify. The offering also ensures a seamless customer experience, data monetization through various channels and enhanced customer segmentation and targeted up-selling.


Bridges the gap
between operator
and content services.

Provide customized
real-time data offers
for seamless channel experience.

Integrated with
Google’s mobile
data plan API.

Unique Selling Proposition

Contexual Selling through Partner Applications
The Data Revenue Booster offering enables promotions of various up-sell packs through partner applications. The customer can purchase the same through the application, to ensure a seamless digital service experience.
Direct Carrier
This feature enables the operator to on board multiple partners that can up-sell their packs as well as their own digital services.
Application-based Up-sell
Both the customer and operator can choose application specific offers, such as discounted rates or for purchasing up-sell data packs.
Application and usage linked
The operator can push offers that are in-line with the customer’s usage pattern.

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Future of Digital Content Distribution

Future of Digital Content Distribution



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