Today, telecom operators face a significant challenge from over-the-top players. Deploying direct carrier billing is a viable method to address this issue. It has emerged as a convenient medium for operators to address the rapidly expanding application segment. Direct carrier billing permits wireless subscribers to place the price of a purchase for a digital good on their monthly phone bill. Mahindra Comviva’s Direct Carrier Billing is an out-of-the-box solution that enables operators to monetize over-the-top offerings through a collaborative approach with third party OTT providers, thereby increasing revenue.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Million Transactions daily
at a single deployment
Million Subscribers
in a single deployment


A pre-integrated rich ecosystem of digital service providers aimed at enabling revenue recognition

Support for multiple authentication mechanisms out of the box to minimize customer complaints

The platform supports pre-built APIs

An umbrella platform to acquire existing digital content providers

Unique Selling Proposition

Enabling Additonal Revenue Source
The Direct Carrier Billing(DCB) platform provides a single interface for value added services, over-the-top and other digital services. So, a mobile-based payment made for digital content at an application store can be attached to the subscriber’s bill. This enables the operator to act as a distributor of digital services and this collects additional revenue through services sales and partnerships.
Obtain a Market Edge
in DCB
Comviva’s solution offers operators various features, including event-based charging, subscription management, access control management, etc.
Integrated Activity
The solution functions as an umbrella platform to acquire existing digital content providers in the operator ecosystem.
The platform is a pre-integrated rich ecosystem of digital service providers. This is aimed at enabling revenue recognition from the first day itself.

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Direct Carrier Billing

Direct Carrier Billing



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