Comviva’s sales and distribution management solution enables operators to maintain all types of channels with varied business, commission and target rules. The solution is fully aligned with a company’s sales strategy (including pull and push) and channel behaviour trends.

The solution aims to simplify business operations and minimise operational overheads and losses for an operator across all channels. With its intelligent dealer management and campaigns solution, it motivates all channels to sell more to achieve more.


Enables telecom operators to maintain all types of channels with varied business, commission and target rules

Enhanced inventory and warehouse management

Fully aligned with an organization’s sales strategy (pull/push campaigns) and channel behaviour trends

Inbuilt capability to minimize operational costs and maximize profits

Unique Selling Proposition

Simplify Management of Sales and Channels

The sales and distribution platform entails support for a majority of sales channels. it also offers customizable rules pertaining to the business and commissions.

Enhance the Existing Supply Chain

The operator is enabled to utilize insight for intelligent suggestions of inventory replenishment at various dealer points. The platform minimizes the costs pertaining to inventory logistics in the supply chain.

Manage the existing Field Force

The solution offers the Fleet on Street management facility. This provides a view of secondary sales in real-time to operators as well as distributors through a mobile-based application.

Speed up Activations

The solution provides a real time view of customer acquisitions that are taking place at a retailer’s outlet.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

in Revenue Generated
Per Quarter
of 4G penetration in a Highly
Competitive Market

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iPacs -Sales and Distribution

iPacs -Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution
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Sales and Distribution

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