This product facilitates terminal validation and usage analytics. It helps to detect and control fraud and terminal tracking. It is an online real-time database used to check the assigned status of mobile devices. It can be used to block stolen devices, to track fraud suspected devices, to detect clones and to check changes in the IMEI-IMSI relationship.


Defines a customer’s profile as per a result matrix

Ensures user traceability

Simplifies the creation and management of multiple lists

Supports a multi-tenant virtual environment

Unique Selling Proposition

Future Proof

A single installation can serve multiple networks – GSM, UMTS, LTE – and be virtualized in multiple cases to support different operations and several countries.

Faster Time-To-Market

The solution ensures reduced integration with the network. this, in turn, leads to shorter times to market.


The solution ensures 1x growth in existing nodes.

Unlimited Functionality

The solution enables customers to make an unlimited number of lists, thereby streamlining functionality.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

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Unlimited Growth
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