The Telecom Service Logic Execution Environment (Telecom SLEE – IN/IMS) platform integrates multiple network resources and telecommunication protocols. This permits the simultaneous execution of multiple services. It offers high performance, low latency, adaptability and availability. It is a fully fledged IN platform. It can also work simultaneously as IMS SCIM, allowing smooth migration from 3G to 4G networks. It supports SS7 CAP, INAP and MAP protocols, diameter and SIP protocols and integration to BSS through SQL, LDAP, HTTP and SOAP protocols. This platform can work independently offering all the functionality required for a service or can work together with other platforms.


Allows adding and removing services for their execution on the platform, without interfering with existing ones

Allows combining multiple existing services to create a new service

Acts as a bridge between 3G and 4G networks

Supports all 4G, LTE and IMS protocols

Unique Selling Proposition

Easy integration

Supports most standard protocols, including 2G, 3G, and LTE

Future ready

Supports all 4G, LTE and IMS protocols. This guarantees an operator's investment and supports migration to new technologies

Virtual environment

Simplifies scalability and optimizes maintenance, infrastructure and operation costs


In addition to prepaid services, the platform can provide VPN, home zone, Number Translation, yield zone and IN and IMS services

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

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