Across the world, customer value management is gaining in importance. Comviva provides a portfolio of digital marketing solutions that help the marketer manage the end-to-end consumer life-cycle. The portfolio leverages big data-driven mobile analytics to uncover customer insights. This, in turn, ensures revenue growth and enhanced customer experience.

Adding Value to the Proposition

Enhancing revenues through an analytics driven marketing platform

MobiLytix™ Multi-Channel Campaign Management

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Enhancing the mobile money ecosystem

MobiLytix™ Customer Engagement for Digital Payments

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Minimize churn to maximize revenue

MobiLytix™ Retailer Management Suite

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Intelligent and Contextual Marketing

MobiLytix™ Interactive Notifications

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Empowering Business through Mobile Applications

MobiLytix™ Unified Digital Experience Platform

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A Unified and Intelligent Communication Platform

MobiLytix™ Centralized Communication Manager

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Enable personalized recommendations in real-time

MobiLytix™ Next Best Offer

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Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

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Portfolio – Customer Value Management

Portfolio – Customer Value Management

Incremental Revenue through Incremental Sales

Incremental Revenue through Incremental Sales

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