The MobiLytix™ Suite is a big data-driven mobile analytics solution that generates actionable customer insights. It aggregates subscriber usage data across multiple touch points, enabling deeper and superior customer experience while improving revenue growth of telecom operators. The offering is a comprehensive business proposition addressing the business needs of service providers. Its backbone is an analytical engine aimed at understanding the various events across a customer’s life-cycle and helps develop strategies to maximize a customer’s lifetime value.


Real-time actionable

An over 15 per cent
response rate

Seamless integration with
third party systems

Minimum 5 per cent
revenue growth

Unique Selling Proposition

Comviva’s MobiLytix™ suite offers operators real-time actionable insights into the customer’s journey.

Actionable Predictive Analytics

Built-in predictive intelligence permits marketers to analyse customer behavior. This is aimed at predicting attrition probability as well as next-most-likely purchase and propensity to buy. Armed with this information marketers can optimally target and influence customers with relevant campaigns.

Profile and Segment Customers

Using a combination of parameters, operators are able to generate a 360 degree profile of customers. Marketers can also score customers on multiple attributes to deliver relevant campaigns

Real-time Campaigns

Marketers can configure a range of promotional products and can automatically action the most optimal offer over the customer’s preferred interaction channel. Depending upon their business objectives, marketers can monitor evolving real-time patterns and behaviors that can be leveraged to improve consumer engagement.

Measure Campaign Performance

Marketers need to measure the efficacy of promotional programs to ensure better results and increase the accountability of marketing investments. Standard and customized dashboards enable marketers to monitor and evaluate campaign performance across segments, products and channels.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

60% +
Accuracy on Churn
Deployed Customer Base
25% +
Increase in Recharge

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Comviva’s Revenue Plus

Comviva’s Revenue Plus

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

MobiLytix™ Suite

MobiLytix™ Suite

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