The MobiLytix ™ Banking Customer Value Management offering is an artificial intelligence-based real-time marketing platform. It leverages micro moments across the banking customer’s lifecycle. Such micro-moments may include researching home loans online, accessing the banking application, logging onto internet banking, purchasing a credit card, etc.


Real-Time event detectors to identify events and trigger launch of marketing campaigns

Comprehensive workflow management to manage the customer engagement

Combines historical and real time data to derive superior insights in real time

Enables faster data monetization

Unique Selling Proposition

Behavioural DNA

Enabling advanced personalization, by utilizing thousands of personal behaviour identifiers.

Enterprise Data and Artificial Intelligence Platform

The data platform ingests real-time and batch structured and unstructured data from different sources to create a single data view for modelling and enriching the Behavioural DNA.
The UI-based AI Workbench allows users to rapidly build, experiment, train, validate and deploy Advanced AI models on large scale data, with certain pre-built models ready to deploy from the first day.

Actionable Analytics

Deliver relevant use cases that capitalize the advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Real-Time Decisioning

Innovative in-memory technology facilitate sub-second decision making. this permits , customers to act on the moments of truth.

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MobiLytix™ Banking

MobiLytix™ Banking

What is Mobile self care

What is Mobile self care

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