Comviva’s MobiLytix™ Multi-Channel Campaign Management platform is a marketing solution that equips operators with tools to develop strategies to maximize customer lifetime value.
The platform enables operators to identify a customer’s service usage patterns. This, in turn, is used to micro-segment customers. The information can thus be leveraged to proactively target customers with relevant promotions.

The platform includes the following modules:

Winback Solution
Comviva’s Winback Solution helps to track an inactive customer base in real-time. This is aimed at improving reach rate and minimizing message delivery timelines.

Churn Prediction
Comviva’s Churn Prediction engine uses predictive analytical modelling to manage customer churn. This is achieved by proactively identifying customers who are most likely to churn. The operator’s business team can thus proactively engage with these customers.

Subscriber Loyalty Solution
Comviva’s Subscriber Loyalty Solution enables marketers to launch a subscriber-specific loyalty program to maximize sales, brand engagement and loyalty. Higher profitability is achieved when loyalty programs improve usage levels.

Flexible Coupon
Comviva’s Flexible coupon is targeted at enhancing subscriber usage and retention. The offering deploys real-time analytics to display open and segmented offers to customers against a fixed price denomination on scratch cards.

Comviva’s Multi-Channel Campaign Management for Banking is an automation campaign solution. It enables marketers in the banking industry to micro-segment the customer by developing customer profiles and increase up-sell, cross-sell, retention, service and product awareness. That apart, it increases engagement between merchants and banks and ensures customer loyalty.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Global Deployments
Million Marketing Messages to Subscribers daily


Optimizes revenue per customer

Enhances marketing productivity

Secures a competitive advantage

Unique Selling Proposition

Open market or Personalised offers
The offers entailed in the Flexible Coupon are fine- tunned, as per customer profiles. This increases an operator's cross selling opportunity .
A One-Stop Shop
The subscriber loyalty solution brings the essential tools and processes to the table. This provides adequate support for the implementation and management of loyalty programs
Enhanced Customer Experience
The Churn Prediction offering pushes customized campaigns to subscribers. This helps to ensure an enhanced and holistic experience for customers.
Delivers Contextual Offers
The Winback Solution offers subscribers real-time contextual campaigns, thereby ensuring success rate.

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MobiLytix™ Multi-Channel Campaign Management-Winback Solution
Case Study

MobiLytix™ Multi-Channel Campaign Management-Winback Solution

Subscriber Loyalty Solution
Case Study

Subscriber Loyalty Solution

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