Comviva’s MobiLytix™ Customer Engagement for Digital Payments is a marketing engagement automation platform for digital payments. It is aimed at encouraging the use of mobile money services and rewarding customers for utilizing e-money, instead of cashing out immediately. Moreover, the product enhances the subscriber and agent’s engagement levels, while enhancing customer loyalty.


Help build long-term subscriber value

Amplify the subscriber’s experience

Boost subscriber loyalty

Reinforce subscriber engagement

Unique Selling Proposition

Unique Registration Marketing
The offering ensures a newly registered customer proceeds with using the mobile money service.
Instant Marketing on Transactions
The subscriber receives a timely personalized marketing message immediately after executing a transaction.
Smart Integrated Segmentation
This offering effectively segment and respond a subscriber’ mobile money-based spending interactions as well as voice and data usage patterns.
Incentivizing Agents
It encourages money agents with multiple incentives and loyalty points to drive customer activity.

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Mobilytix Flexible Coupon

Mobilytix Flexible Coupon

Customer Engagement for Digital Payments

Customer Engagement for Digital Payments

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