Comviva’s MobiLytix™ Next Best Offer captures a customer’s usage patterns and interactions in real-time. This is aimed at enabling operators to provide personalized recommendations for a compelling subscriber experience. The solution recommends the best offer, based on the customer’s behavioral patterns. Equally important are the marketing activities surrounding the operator ecosystem, thereby enabling higher product and plan uptake.


Captures the customer’s usage patterns across different inbound and outbound channels

Identifies a customer’s preferences and purchasing behaviour in real-time

Enables operators to promote personalized offers in a timely manner

Unique Selling Proposition

Captures Usage Patterns
The MobiLytix™ Next Best Offer tracks a customers usage patterns across different inbound and outbound channels. This includes conventional or digital to fine tune the best offers.
Boosts Uptake
The solution ensures greater product adoptability. This enables higher offer take rate as well as improvement in retention program.
Achieves Business Objectives
Operators are able to meet targets set for incremental sales, revenue and customer loyalty.
Real-Time, Customized Offerings
The solution identifies a customer's purchase behaviour and patterns in real-time. This enables operators to push customized offerings.
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