Comviva’s MobiLytix™ Interactive Notifications offering is an analytics-driven, intelligent real time interactive solution designed to push the right contextual marketing offer to the subscriber. The offering comprises of the Interactive Notification solution that helps marketers improve the take rate of contextual marketing campaigns. This is achieved by delivering relevant offers to an appropriate customer set at the right time over interactive post call notifications. This assures effective and multi-fold contextual marketing communication.


Real Time Marketing

Instant Gratification

Better Communication and Reach

Micro Segmentation

Unique Selling Proposition


This product is an analytically advanced and intelligent real time interactive solution. It is designed to push contextual based trigger offer push at the end of the call or session


The solution captures real-time feeds and creates subscribers segment from iEOCN/recharge derived data. This may include average balance, recharge count, decrements per day, etc.


The user can purchase offers on the fly. Moreover, instant fulfillment can be achieved without memorizing the offer through interactive offers

Better Communication
and Reach

Each offer is based on real time triggers. This is backed with recent usage behavior patterns, with most contextual inputs. This minimizes customer exposure to bulk messages with no relevance and call for action.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Transactions per second Peak Rate
Campaigns Executed
on a Single day
PCNs Delivered per day
Taken to Insert and
Deliver Messages

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Interactive Notifications

Interactive Notifications

Interactive Notifications

Interactive Notifications

Enhanced Conversion Rate
Case Study

Enhanced Conversion Rate

Comviva’s MobiLytix™ Interactive Notification offering was deployed by the second largest operator in India. Within less than three months, the operator generated incremental revenue of over Rs 42 million and registered a 22 per cent improvement in conversions.

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