MobiLytix ™ Incremental Revenue Through Incremental Sales

Mahindra Comviva’s MobiLytix ™ Incremental Revenue Through Incremental Sales (IRIS) solution equips the operator with the tool to maximize revenues using retailer channels and incentives the retailers for the additional revenue. The solution addresses the short fall of retailers not having information on the best offers that are offered to the subscribers by the operator based on the subscriber profile. This will help the retailer to influence the subscribers to opt for best offers and get additional commission for the retailers, thus bringing both retailers as well as subscribers on one single platform.

IRIS helps the operator to configure multiple offers for the subscriber based on pre-defined static subscriber segments and map the additional commission to the retailer based on the retailer segment.


Accuracy on Churn
70 Million
Every sixth customer is on-boarded
on the Loyalty platform in a deployed
base of 70 million
Increase in recharge


Segmented customer

Usage and Retention
through channels

Improve channel

An integrated
self-care plateform

The prepaid Journey with IRIS

Step One

Customer push / pulls best offer and visits outlet

Step Two

Retailer gets pushed on the best offer for the customer

Step Three

Retailer & customer mutually decides on the best offer

Step Four

Retailer recharges customer on designated offer

Step Five

Retailer earns extra commission for upgrading customer

Unique Selling Proposition

MobiLytix™ IRIS facilitates connectivity with the dormant retail force to engage in activities pertaining to usage and retention.

Segmented Offers
Offers are customized to customers and commissions are in line with the kind of sale made
This is achieved through continous engagement with retailers
Usage Enhancement
The solution influences the customer through the retailer at the point of sale making maximum impact
Retail KPI Management
Retailers can keep a tab on their performance via real-time tracking.

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