Comviva’s MobiLytix™ Unified Digital Experience Platform (UDxP)  is designed to facilitate digital self-care. The offering helps reduce the capex and opex used to maintain multiple channels. This is achieved by increasing customer engagements, acquiring customer data and understanding and leveraging that data.

The offering is supported by actionable insights and a deep analytics-driven platform. This accrues multiple benefits, including a self-care suite with pre-built features for an operator’s retail and enterprise customers. This, in turn, accelerates the digital self-care journey for all stakeholders.

In addition, the platform helps to accelerate key elements of an operator’s digital transformation journey. Broadly, this entails three aspects:

Customer Interface: Including omni-channel enablement, digital acquisition, digital marketing, big data analytics, dynamic pricing, etc.

Fulfillment Assurance and Billing: Entailing self-service, account management, integrated billing systems, customer self-assurance and digitized portfolio management.

Products and Services: Including digital innovation, product experience, automated feedback, product catalogue, demand assessment, etc.

The platform also ensures an enhanced omni-channel experience for customers. This, in turn, is aimed at increasing average revenues per user and improving an operator’s customer experience management scores.


Enhanced omni-channel customer experience

Enables a full-scale digital offering

An intelligent platform-compliant with Industry 4.0 norms

Unique Selling Proposition

A Digital Platform

Backed by TM Forum standards, this ensures the creation of multiple digital channels.

Actionable Insights

Aimed at driving customer engagement. This is backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance average revenue per user.

Ensures Agility

This ensures frequent updates to the user interface can be executed in a streamlined manner.

Supports an XSLT-Based Smart Integration Layer

This enables efficient integration with the BSS/OSS layer. This, in turn, eliminates the overhead of using proxy servers for integration


inbuilt functionalities
20 million+
transactions per second for mobile applications

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MobiLytix™ Unified Digital Experience Platform

MobiLytix™ Unified Digital Experience Platform

What is Mobile self care

What is Mobile self care

Enhancing Customer Service
Case Study

Enhancing Customer Service

Comviva’s MobiLytix™ Campaign Management offering was deployed by a UK-based mobile phone retailer. The offering enabled the company to improve and enhance customer engagement. This was achieved via modules such as threshold alerts, reminders, bill management, etc.

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