The Connected Communication portfolio consists of products that ensure calls can be completed with zero balance during everyday emergencies. It also ensures calls are completed when the subscriber is unavailable, not reachable,the number is switched off or busy. It also includes the Call Signature solution that further strengthens the operator’s voice offerings. The offering drives revenue from customers with low balance through the No Balance Suite. It connects unconnected calls through the Call Completion Suite and reduces call rejection rates through the Call Signature feature.


Increase rate of call completion on the network

Stimulates network usage

Enhances voice revenue

Improves customer loyalty

Unique Selling Proposition

Enhanced Revenue

The solution supplements an operator’s Connected Communication portfolio and enhances voice revenues


It offers the flexibility to deploy individual or a combination of applications on single platform.

Additional Services

The suite clubs complementary services, including Consent Gateway, Do Not Call, Call Screening etc.

Cost Rationalization

The Connected Communication portfolio ensures cost rationalization through optimization of network resources

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Global Deployments
Subscribers Globally
Transactions per Month

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Connected Communication

Connected Communication

Connected Communication

Connected Communication

Connected Communication

Connected Communication

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