Over 20 percent of calls get dropped, because the subscriber is unavailable, unreachable, busy, or their handset is switched off. This leads to revenue loss for operators. Comviva’s Call Completion product suite comprises of products that ensure these incomplete calls are converted into new revenue streams for operators.The suite comprises of the Voice Call Completion, Missed Call Alerts, Notify Me and Voice Mail offerings.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Global Deployments
Subscribers Accommodated
Transactions Supported per Month


Supplements an operator’s call management solutions portfolio and enhances voice revenues

Offers flexibility to deploy individual or combination of applications on a single platform

The platform ensures cost rationalization through network optimization

Unique Selling Proposition

Increases Call Completion
This is achieved through voice mails deposited for unanswered calls.
Improves Callback Opportunities
This is executed through call attempts made on receiving the Missed Call and Notify Me alerts.
Advanced Feature Set
The platform supports features such as Voice Missed Call Alert, Message Collation, advertisements, support for multiple languages, etc.
Unified Platform
With Comviva’s Call Completion Suite, the operator only needs to forward the calls to a single platform.
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