Comviva’s Call Signature is a customized message which is displayed when the call is initiated. The message is displayed to either the calling or the called party in the form of a flash SMS, a USSD push-based message or through an application interface. It can be used to greet callers, set status messages, provide pre-call notifications and also for branding and advertisement.

For callers, the Call Signature offering permits the recipient to identify the caller and the purpose of the call. For the called party, it permits setting personalized greetings, sending broadcast messages and sharing notes and videos.


Calls Monthly
Subscribers served Globally
deployments of
Call Management worldwide


Stimulates network usage

Enhances voice revenues

Improves customer loyalty

Multiple applications on a single platform

Unique Selling Proposition

Device Agnostic
The service can be accessed on feature and smartphones.
Effective Call Management
The offering helps users trigger action on their incoming and outgoing calls.
Increased Call Reception Rate
The Call Signature offering will ensure callers recognize unknown numbers.
Builds Personal and
Enterprise Branding
The service enables subscribers to build a personal identity and enterprises in brand building.
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