Analysis of today’s networks has highlighted that 10-15 per cent of calls fail owing to insufficient balance in a prepaid subscriber’s account. Comviva’s Ring Me offering converts these calls to new revenue streams for operators. The offering:

Informs the terminating party about the failed call attempt

Sends RingMe alerts to the customer, thereby ensuring the call is returned

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Calls Handled Monthly
Million Subscribers across
Global Deployments of Call Management Worldwide


Generates revenues from low balance scenarios

Stimulates network usage

Improves customer loyalty

Enhances voice revenue

Unique Selling Proposition

An Enhanced Customer Experience
The solution provides reliable connectivity, irrespective of funds available. The subscriber’s emergency messages can be customized as well.
Proactive Services
The solution automatically triggers services, thereby reducing marketing and advertising costs.
Cloud Readiness
The solution can be deployed on the cloud. This ensures the lead time –to – revenue generation cycle spans 30-45 days.
Multiple Applications on a Single Platform
Other call management applications, such as Missed Call Alerts, etc. can be hosted on the same platform.

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What is low balance suite ?

What is low balance suite ?

Right-aligning messaging capacity with growth for a leading operator in West Africa
Case Study

Right-aligning messaging capacity with growth for a leading operator in West Africa

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