Comviva’s caller ring back tone (CRBT) solution enables subscribers to opt for personalized audio content, in place of regular tones. The solution can be integrated with the various components of an operator’s network. This largely includes the home location register, mobile switching centres, intelligent networks, billing systems, etc. The CRBT solution’s core application comprises of a combination of signaling and a tone player. It can be accessed via multiple channels, including SMS, USSD, WAP and an online portal.

The solution not only stimulates and improves up-take amongst subscribers but also generate additional revenue through personalized and targeted promotions. It also entails an inbuilt content management system, which permits content partners to upload content. Other features include the subscription engine, the campaign manager, self-promotion tools and a reporting system.

The solution’s powerful business intelligence suite helps to segment users and identify patterns. This is aimed at helping promote the right content to the right subscribers, thus enabling greater penetration and revenue potential. From content acquisition, providing content, to subscriber and subscription management, we offer an end-to-end managed services.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Million Subscribers
Million Tracks
Million Clips Viewed Daily


Personalized Service

Flexibility to deploy different channels, such as USSD, chatbots, etc

Cost-effective market penetration

Flexible charging options

Unique Selling Proposition

A Device and Network Agnostic Platform
The platform supports multiple hybrid networks.
End to End Life Cycle Management
This entails end-to-end management of the content life-cycle, services and business operations.
Flexible Pricing and Rules Engine
The platform enables operators to offer compelling feature-rich solutions for multiple customer segments.
Open Architecture
The solution ensures seamless integration with existing network nodes.
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