A wide range of voice, video and text-based content spanning multiple genres is distributed through Comviva’s Mooditt Digital Store.

The Mooditt Digital Store is a business-to-business solution that brings together the entire ecosystem of content partners and telecom operators on a single platform. The offering manages content, partner-related payments and reconciliation to reduce an operator’s transactional costs. This also reduces a telecom operator’s content procurement turnaround time three-fold.

Comviva has inked partnerships with key international rights holders of the digital content distribution industry. The company has acquired competency in sourcing content across categories including music labels, games, lifestyle, videos and movies, et all.

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Partners Onboarded
Content Pieces Available
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Global reach

Self-service portal

Hassle-free loyalty collection

Minimize content piracy

Unique Selling Proposition

Global Reach
It permits the content provider to reach out to multiple global customers. This is because the content store publishes their content to a wide range of customers.
Minimize Content Piracy
The digital store restricts illegal content distribution for full tracks.
100 percent Protected Content
Every piece of content uploaded on the store has to undergo a linked document verification process. The store also monitors the expiry date of uploaded content.
Faster Procurement
The offering shortens the content procurement cycle for distribution channels. Broadly, these include telecom operators, direct-to-home, radio and application providers.

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Mooditt Digital Store

Mooditt Digital Store

Mooditt Digital Store

Mooditt Digital Store

Future of Digital Content Distribution

Future of Digital Content Distribution

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