Comviva’s Enterprise Messaging Platform – Ngage is a multi-channel mobile engagement solution. It provides a single platform for enterprises to interact with their customers and partners over both legacy and digital channels. The platform helps enterprises develop a holistic approach to their customer engagement, create a robust suite of services that can enhance their brand image and deliver cost effective, immediate and personalized communication.


Diversity of communication with policy controls, real time invoicing flexibility, business reporting and dashboards on a single platform

Applies to various scenarios across the board, such as retail, banking and financial services, logistics, travel, and hospitality

Offers direct, cross-channel delivery, with multi-billion message handling capability and simplified service experience

Simplifies an enterprise’s interaction with customers, employees, business partners

Unique Selling Proposition

Key Platform Capabilities

The offering consolidates cross-channel messaging into a scalable, customized platform that permits the customer to monetize the opportunity provided by enterprises. It is a convergent solution that packs in the operator’s services architecture horizontally, thus enabling them to achieve economies of scale and scope.

Applicability across Industries

Comviva’s Enterprise Messaging Platform-Ngage can be applied to enterprise messaging scenarios across the board. It serves and addresses multiple needs with equal effectiveness, for any enterprise across any industry. The platform ensures that operators are well-positioned to further engage their diverse enterprise customers.

Simplified Service Experience

Comviva’s Enterprise Messaging Platform-Ngage is a powerful, end-to-end solution, offering direct, cross-channel delivery, with multi-billion message handling capability and a simplified service experience.

Optimize Cost

This offering helps enterprises to streamline their business operations. This, in turn, offers multiple benefits such as thus optimizing the operating and capital expense, streamlining communication efforts, etc.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Global Deployments
50- 10000
Ranging of TPS

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Enterprise Communication Platform

Enterprise Communication Platform

Driving enterprise messaging traffic in India
Case Study

Driving enterprise messaging traffic in India

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