Deploying Comviva’s Integrated Messaging Platform-Uno will enable telecom operators to trim overheads while efficiently planning and managing messaging infrastructure. This is achieved by consolidating disparate infrastructures and services across messaging channels like SMS, MMS, USSD, IP messaging and voicemail into a single platform.


Generate significant CAPEX and OPEX savings

Deploy the platform with select channels without replacing the entire infrastructure

Leverage a single graphic user interface to create new services and cross-channel campaigns

Provision and de-provision capacity on-demand to meet evolving customer requirements

Unique Selling Proposition

Significant Capex and Opex Savings

Comviva’s Integrated Messaging Platform-Uno enables operators to drive their business forward through consolidation of various VAS nodes into a single, multipurpose, messaging engine.

Multi-Channel Messaging Experience

By consolidating all key delivery channels, Comviva’s Integrated Communication Platform-Uno enables mobile operators to efficiently and cost-effectively manage a wide range of messaging-related services.


Comviva’s Integrated Messaging Platform-Unois a highly scalable, cloud-ready, consolidated messaging infrastructure platform. It leverages common components to derive operational efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership.

Accelerating Time to Market

The platform offers an intelligent and modular design with scalability and robust architecture as the core of the platform. It changes the way operators monetize their offerings, powering a shift from fragmented, disparate architectures into a cohesive, targeted solution.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Deployments Globally
Serving Customers

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UNO flyer

UNO flyer

Integrated Messaging Platform-Uno

Integrated Messaging Platform-Uno

Get more for less

Get more for less

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