USSD helps operators to provide easy to use, responsive, and fast menu-driven content provision services. This is facilitated by the USSD gateway, which is a platform that enables operators to introduce messaging services with USSD as the bearer, enabling faster response times. USSD stimulates VAS usage on the network and offers value to end users, operators, and application developers. Offering an easy to use, interactive alternative to IVR channels, USSD allows operators to quickly deploy applications across self-care, e-recharge, provisioning, infotainment, roaming, push-based services, and utilities. FLARES and ACE, two key components of USSD, enable rapid development and deployment of operator-generated applications without third-party intervention, reduce menu creation and testing from days to hours, and drastically reduce time to market.

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Global Deployments
Catering Customers
Deployed TPS for an Operator


Stimulates the use of value added services on the network

Rapidly deploy applications spanning self-care, e-recharge, provisioning, infotainment, roaming, push-based services, and utilities

Rapid development of operator-generated applications

Reduce time-to-market

Unique Selling Proposition

USSD Gateway
Comviva’s USSD Gateway is a high-speed intermediary platform that allows operators to deliver engaging, interactive content to subscribers, and maintain real-time interaction without consuming large amounts of bandwidth.
USSD App Bazaar
USSD App Bazaar allows operators to monetize their VAS offerings and stimulate service uptake on the network. Offering a comprehensive suite of applications across self-care, recharge, provisioning, roaming, infotainment, push-based services, and utilities, operators can present their subscribers with a wide variety of innovative, high-quality, market-ready applications.
USSD FLARES (Framework for Launching Applications enabling Rapid Evolution of Services) is a Service Creation Environment that provides a single platform for the management of all internal and external applications providing services to the end user. It allows new services to be created and launched very quickly, and provides operators and content partners alike with a single, easy-to-use interface for service creation and management.
Creation Environment (ACE)
Comviva’s Application Creation Environment (ACE) platform enables operators to generate their own apps with minimal time to market. Offering a simple, easy-to-use GUI, operators can quickly develop and modify business logic, tap short lifetime opportunities, and maximize ROI.

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Integrated Messaging Platform-Uno

Integrated Messaging Platform-Uno

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