Comviva’s Messaging Firewall is a comprehensive network and content-based security solution. It enables operators to effectively monetize their application-to-person (A2P) traffic and safeguard subscribers against misuse of the mobile. The Messaging Firewall also safeguards against spam and fraud, arrests revenue leakage and reduces operational effort for telecom providers. In addition to providing the platform, Comviva also offers capabilities pertaining to business consulting and operations. This is designed to ensure that the platform is operated, configured and updated with global intelligence at all times.


Effective A2P monetization with grey route blocking

Safeguard subscribers against spam and messaging fraud

Detection of threats in real-time, with the reporting and analytics suite

Business consulting and operations to maximize network potential

Unique Selling Proposition

A Comprehensive Filtering Solution

The offering is a comprehensive firewall solution, with tightly coupled filters for signals, content and analytics. It entails algorithms to help identify and control cases of messaging fraud such as flooding, spoofing, faking, phishing, malware etc., with configurable parameters.

Brand and Signature Intelligence

Through machine learning-based techniques, the messaging firewall evolves with the fast changing commercial traffic to effectively curb grey route traffic. It has a strong repository of over 600 brands, which, along with the global threat intelligence gathered from all deployments is provided to the operator.

Business Consulting and Operations

The Business Consulting and Operations team consists of skilled consultants with thorough knowledge of market, product and operations. They help the operators in leveraging the maximum benefit out of the messaging firewall solution by providing analytical support, intelligence and consultations.

Regulatory Compliance

The Messaging Firewall is a GSMA IR.70 compliant solution and supports provision for adherence to regulatory compliance issued by local governing authorities for spam and messaging fraud.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

including leading operator groups
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What is A2P messaging?

What is A2P messaging?

Messaging Firewall

Messaging Firewall

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