Comviva’s Messaging Firewall provides a multi-layered approach to combat grey route traffic and control the spike in SPAM through detecting, shielding and monetizing. It is a comprehensive network-based and content-based security solution. It enables the operator to protect their subscribers and enterprise customers against the growing threat of grey routes and foregone revenues on account of mobile spam.


Ring-fences the network to block grey routes and curb revenue losses

Supports signaling and content filtering capability to block spam

Adherence to customer communication contact policies

Offers business consulting services to identify and analyze various patterns of grey routes in the network

Unique Selling Proposition

Intelligent Filtering Solution

It is an Intelligent analytical solution with signaling and content filtering capability with ability to identify and control grey routes, SIM Farming, SIM Faking, SMS Flooding, SMS Spoofing, etc.

Enterprise Management

The solution helps with automatic enterprise onboarding, service creation and reconciliation.

Detect and Block spam in the Network

Comviva’s SMS Firewall solution can identify and control different kinds of spam. Leveraging the capabilities of the SMS Firewall platform, such as user traffic analysis, content traffic analysis and pattern detection, operators can identify and take action against phishing and spam on the network and through features of the SMS Firewall.


Customers can avail of business consulting services from security experts with in-depth experience in the messaging domain.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

Deployments across Vodafone,
MTN and Airtel groups
Installed Capacity

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What is A2P messaging?

What is A2P messaging?

The Wall that trumps the Spam

The Wall that trumps the Spam

SMS Firewall Grey Route Blocking
Case Study

SMS Firewall Grey Route Blocking

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